About Us

Say goodbye to the DIY website builder. Say hi to “do it for me”.

Here’s the script:

As the internet evolves, it’s becoming more and more important to have an online presence that you can really be proud of.

However as technology gets easier to use… it gets much harder to understand.

Who has the patience to figure out how to create a website these days whilst running a business?

Hello Bewweb.

We’ve helped countless customers create a strong online presence using our methodology mainly helping small businesses. People busy with their business simply looking for a safe pair of hands to look after their website. That’s Beweb, “Hi again!”. People too smart to pay an over priced web design agency an over the odds price for a bang average website that charges them every time they need to make changes.


How it all started.

In 2005 Marc from Bewweb built his first website, it was another venture but he quickly realised where his real talents should be invested. He started contacting small businesses bringing them into the digital world with modern (well modern for the times) websites, with a passion for building a strong online presence.

We learnt a lot along the way had to deal with many problems that arose but came out the other side better.